Oatmeal is about 2 yrs old, this boy had a rough life. Him and his family were abused by the neighbor. The dogs would get out and they were hit with a metal pipe. Which resulted I’m pretty severe injury’s. Then the old owner left them untreated. For what ever reason he never took any of the 3 dogs to the vet. I was asked to take on 3 medical dogs. At first I said no, as I had no room. The ex wife told me the story and I just had to help. As soon as I got them, they were loaded with ticks, skinny, and just a hot mess all around. I got them to the vet we did X-rays and found out that Oatmeal needed an FHO. We did the surgery and now Oatmeal is ready for adoption. This guy has over come a lot and now looking for his own family. He is a bit shy but is so much better. He is great with other dogs, not sure about cats, he loves to go hiking, play in the snow, lounge outside on a bed. He is neutered, chipped, vaccinated, HW – tick disease –