Gopher is 2-3 yrs old, He has been a stray in the Tuscon area for a couple of years. He found his way to a shop and they have been caring for him. some of the employees tried to take him home, but he was not having it. The owner of the shop, came to work about a year ago. And he was unable to walk. They said that he through up orange stuff for two days and then started walking again. you can tell that he has a slight unsteadiness to him. But he does not let that slow him down. A wonderful family saw him come out of the desert and thought he was a stray, tried to find the owners with no luck . Then i was contacted and asked to take him. I did and posted him on different sites on Facebook, looking for his owner. I was sent Haileys number and that is where i learned of the life this guy was living. She asked me to find him a wonderful family to call his own, and to were he will be safe.